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Hello, I am Master Young. I am a certified Conceal Carry and Home Defense Instructor with the USCCA and a certified Basic Pistol Instructor with the National Rifle Association. I am an Army Veteran, studied various forms of martial arts, survivalist, prepper. As an experienced and passionate instructor, I’m committed to helping you reach your highest level of success. No matter what your learning style or skill level is, my personalized approach will provide the guidance, necessary skillset, and support you need at the pace that’s best for you. Get in touch to learn more about my services and how I can help.


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Looking to learn what to do to legally defend yourself in a traumatic situation? Looking for guidance from a reliable professional? Sometimes all it takes to really understand a concept is a considerate instructor who knows how to teach at a pace with patience. Having worked with clients throughout the Denver metro area since 2016 on self-defense, scenario preparation, Firearms proficiency, and survival, I bring a depth of teaching experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their minds, talents, and skills. Book a class below or contact me to see how I can be of service to you.

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